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Traits / methods of a good headhunter

From the link:

  • Understand job profile
  • Map appropriate industry according to the client requirement
  • Searching from job portals
  • Trace suitable CV
  • Convince the right candidate
  • Headhunting is an art and a science
  • No fixed procedure or process
  • Needs research
  • Market understanding
  • Understand vertical
  • Better client servicing
  • Understand industry, client and position
  • Have confidence
  • Determined
  • Be good at talking
  • Approaching candidate:
  • Job posting
  • Bulk mailing
  • Job fairs
  • Campus hiring
  • Advertisement
  • Reference check
  • Follow up with candidate after placement

Types of Sales Funnels

Various tyes of Sales funnels for generating useful leads:
  • Technology Funnel
  • Online Funnel
  • People Funnel

Screening: Hard Skills
Assessing: Soft Skills

Professional Associations in Canada for Recruiters

The following are some professional associations in Canada for recruiters:

  • HRPA: Human Resources Professional Association
  • APRC: Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada
  • CCHRA: Canadian Council of Human Resource Associations
  • ACSSES: Association of Canadian Search, Staffing, and Employment Services
  • CASPR: Canadian Association of Staff Physician Recruiters
  • Directory of Canadian Recruiters
  • Canadian Payroll Association
  • More info at this link:

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to be a good headhunter

From the links:
Here are useful tips:
  • Headhunting is an apprentice business
  • It is ALL about information and communication
  • Be diligent
  • Be a strong networker
  • Control your business or the business will control you
  • Work close to the money -- do what you NEED to do, not what you WANT to do
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Do not become complacent
  • Set deadlines
  • Part olympic athlete, part gladiator, part olympic athlete
  • Do the Math: Rely on numbers / stats
  • Be excited about making sales / deals
  • Have been successful in something
  • Be resilient - bounce back quickly
  • Aim for a win - everytime you pick up the phone
  • Combine hardwork with smart work
  • You can not have a 40 hour work week -- you have to work more
  • Hit it hard in the morning, break, work hard, lunch, work hard, break, work hard -- 4 bursts in a work day
  • Learn from the best
  • Probe for answers - be inquisitive and persistent
  • You learn how to do it by working with seasoned professionals
  • You can't learn it by reading books alone
  • Headhunting can pay well, but it is a lot of hard work
  • Learn to accept rejection. Learn to hear a LOT of "No"s
  • Even companies that are firing people / laying off people are hiring exceptional candidates
  • Headhunting is not a boiler room type of business
  • Head hunting is not dialing for dollars
  • Don't waste your time
  • Don't divulge confidential information to the wrong people
  • Don't develop false hopes
  • The cost of entry is low
  • It is not easy to make a quick buck
  • Understand the culture of the client company
  • Keep information confidential
  • Collaborate with the client
  • The HR departments of many companies do not know how a business is run - Use of agencies is common when the companies can not fill positions on their own
  • Good headhunters search for living resumes, not dead resumes.
  • Be findable -- advertise yourself
  • Don't look for key words, look for key people.
  • Attend industry events.
  • Don't gather dead resumes
  • Some of the best headhunters work on contingency
  • Contingency = getting paid only if a position is filled.
  • Job boards are not always the best source of resumes
  • Substance should matter more than the sizzle
  • Develop strong long term relationships with companies
  • Get access to jobs that are not advertised in public
From the link:
  • A headhunter is a job recruiter who specializes in matching highly skilled professionals with corporate clients.
  • He or she might be an independent contractor or work through an agency where each agent specializes in particular areas of employment and possibly also in geographic areas.
  • Corporations benefit from using a headhunter or a headhunting service in two ways.
  • It eliminates the need to place an advertisement for the open position and then address the inevitable list of applicants, most of which will be unfit for various reasons.
  • A headhunter does the tedious work of finding good candidates, providing an initial screening mechanism that saves the corporation valuable time.
  • In turn, the recruiter is paid a fee if he or she is able to find the right candidate, typically a small percentage of the annual starting salary of the filled position.
  • This payment arrangement encourages headhunters to build lasting, tight relationships with corporate clients. The more successful someone is in filling recruitment positions, the more likely the client company will look to him or her for other job placement opportunities. Both parties benefit mutually from this relationship, as do those seeking gainful employment.

Here are some points from the link:

7 factors to be successful as a headhunter (I do not endorse all the points; Am just relisting them):
  • Good understanding of the market
  • The right age -- especially if you are dealing with senior executives
  • A good company brand
  • Good office address
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Never say die attitude
5 steps to becoming a headhunter. From the link:
  • Select an industry or area with which you are familiar
  • Research specific companies you would like to work with
  • Write a letter of introduction and follow by a phone call
  • Follow up and request for an interview with the company
  • Look for candidates and start collecting resumes / contacting people

Time Management : Self Management : Fill up your funnel GOOD !!!

More info: What does an Account Manager do?

From the link:
  • Account managers are seen in industries such as fast food to high tech, advertising to banking, and everything in between. More than ever, companies demand account managers that get the job done.
  • An account manager is a liaison between the company and its customers.
  • An account manager is essentially the face of the company. She is a salesperson through and through. She is a big-picture client manager and a consummate people person. She talks, but most importantly, she listens.
  • An account manager’s overall mandate, in broad strokes, is to acquire new business and maintain old business. There’s no real way to get around this point, and to drive it home here it is again.
  • An account manager is a salesperson. You will have to sell
  • The account manager needs to have exposure to a wide variety of fields.
  • Due to the nature of account manager compensation, you can significantly grow your income without significantly changing your role.
  • Knowledge is your fundamental value proposition. It’s what drives sales and strong client relationships. You simply must be a master of your field.
  • Communication, as fundamental as it sounds, is one skill that came up again and again. The account manager’s most fundamental job is to communicate. You will communicate daily with clients, creative, and various managers and stakeholders within your company. Driving and building relationships is the crux of communication. It’s really what this job is all about.
  • Whether you work with outbound leads or, conversely, with established customers, you are building relationships, providing value, and above all, listening. Though you will be talking most of the day, listening is really the most sought after quality of communication.
  • Organization. As the account manager is the bridge between the client and the company, they must be sufficiently organized to handle requests from both sides simultaneously. The account manager is the go-between, but also a person of knowledge. It is a very active position requiring proper organization skills.
  • The business of an account manager is more than just sales. Their business is customer relationship management. Account manager’s are successful if they are good at networking, and building and sustaining relationships. Their business and potential to make money depends on how well they manage in those areas.
  • A typical day for an account manager involves putting together sales proposals for clients, communicating with your team regarding logistics, and handling client complaints, concerns, and feedback. You will manage your sales pipeline, make calls and take meetings. And don’t forget to make the sale. Presentations and pitches are the crux of this job.
  • This is a high intensity, high pressure, important position for any company. It is stressful. But it is also, as spoken to me time and time again, a very rewarding position.

How to ask open and closed questions for recruiters

How to market a candidate for recruiters

How recruiters prepare a client before interview

How to become a good Account Manager? Applies to any field - Recruiting / Sales / Marketing / Not for profit etc.

From the links:

Here are some of the qualities of a GOOD ACCOUNT MANAGER:
  • Ability to manage your own accounts
  • Have good writing skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Mentor people
  • Manage juniors
  • Write reports
  • Make presentations
  • Be good at public speaking
  • Conduct meetings
  • Participation in work events
  • Be good at planning
  • Be good at executing tasks
  • Good at negotiations
  • Ability to form relationships
  • Ability to ask the right questions
  • Ability to listen
  • Ability to do Analysis
  • Persuation skills
  • Ability to Organize
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Tight budget control
  • Creative business development
  • Thorough business planning
  • Realistic - in touch with economic reality
  • In-depth product / service knowledge
  • Fact-based selling
  • Strong customer relationships
  • Love team work
  • Smiling face
  • Sense of humour
  • Responsibility
  • Sincerity
  • Persistence
  • Not taking failure personally
  • Creativity
  • Industry knowledge
  • Good education helps
  • Be strategic
  • Understand client needs
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Friendly
  • Good networker
  • Contstantly connecting with target stakeholders
  • Be visible
  • Make a difference, an impact -- not just exist
  • Gather information constantly
  • Be part of industry groups
  • Understand competition and competitors
  • Make clients feel important
  • Maintain professionalism
  • Charisma can not replace quality work
  • Output, not just input -- show results, not just give ideas
  • Know the target market
  • Be subtle
  • Dress well
  • Be well groomed
  • Have a niche
  • Know use of LinkedIn well
  • Know use of Social Media well
  • Know how to do research
  • Know how to gather leads
  • Good at follow up or monitoring
  • Know benchmarking
  • Know metrics
  • Understand trends
  • Love challenges
  • Build a personal brand
  • Maintain high visibility
  • Understand your role
  • Understand your expectations
  • Persistence
  • Have a rolodex
  • Have a calendar
  • Grow your contacts regularly
  • Follow up with your contacts regularly
  • Manage time efficiently
  • Face outward? -- Firm's representative to the client
  • Face inward? --  Client's representative to the firm
  • Know the short term and long term goals
  • Understand the market
  • Be good at Accounting and Billing
  • Have good client and candidate control
  • Select clients and candidates carefully
  • Take an interest in the client's business
  • Listen
  • Take notes
  • Confirm in writing
  • Put the client's interest first
  • Treat the client's money as your own
  • Deals with issues
  • Never badmouth a client
  • Take initiative
  • Get agreement on Strategy
  • Build bridges at multiple levels
  • Put dates on your work
  • Maintain a to-do list of tasks
  • Be good with technology
  • Dedicate time for professional development
  • Be enthusiastic, positive, and loyal
  • Re-invent constantly
  • Stay fresh
  • Get high level buy in
  • Find the right people for the right task - internally
  • Curiosity
  • Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Diplomacy
  • Drive
  • Initiative
  • Strong desire to succeed
  • Strong desire to convert ideas to action
  • Division of labour
  • Passion for work
  • Being specific
  • Quick decision making ability
  • Maintaining a cool head
  • Profitability Management
  • Account Planning
  • Gap Analysis
  • Needs Analysis
  • Good hunting skills
  • Good phone skills
  • Making high volume phone calls
  • Organizing work day in advance
  • Know how to open doors
  • Create a coaching plan
  • Know key industry terms
  • Create action plan with steps, resources, metrics and milestones
  • Have clarity
  • Creative selling abilities
  • Discretion
  • Build short term and long term strategies
  • Have patience
  • Avoid impulsive behaviour
  • Resource Allocation
  • Value creation
  • Meet customer needs
  • Product and Service portfolio
  • Exceed expectation
  • Help grow income
  • Become a partner, not just a supplier

Recruiter Cartoon -- MUST Watch

"The Newbie" - a funny recruiting video

"The Agent" - a funny recruiting video

Sunday, April 7, 2013

SAP professionals (and recruiters) have a BRIGHT FUTURE!

  • There is going to be a LOT of demand for SAP professionals in the future. 
  • There is going to be a lot of SAP implementation in the future
  • However, there are not enough SAP professionals available in the market right now.
  • Thus SAP recruiters shall have a great future !!!
Here are some areas that will be in demand, in the future:
  • Core HR (Payroll, Time, Benefits, PA, OM) 
  • Enterprise Compensation (ECM)
  • eRecruiting 
  • Learning Solution (LSO)
  • Talent Management and Nakisa
  • Performance Management
  • ESS/MSS 
  • SAP HCM Technical 
The future of SAP consultants. Areas in demand in the future:
  • BW on HANA
  • Combo innovations 
  • Upgrades 
  • Visual Intelligence 
  • SuccessFactors + SAP HR
  • Automated Testing
  • Enterprise Information Management
Article from "The Hindu" (April 2011) reproduced here from the link:

‘Bright future for SAP consultants'
Staff Reporter
The demand for SAP consultants in India is tremendous but the supply is nowhere matching it. “SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) was earlier used only by large-scale industries. But now it is extended to small and medium businesses also, which is one of the reasons for the high manpower demand for SAP,” said Garikipati Sridhar, a leading SAP consultant and winner of Abdul Kalam award.

Addressing mediapersons at E-Academy here on Saturday, Mr. Sridhar said SAP had become the most promising career course in today's world and major companies that implemented SAP were successful in achieving a turnaround in their performances because of the best practices adopted. Unlike other software, SAP provides an opportunity for people from different domains. Technical graduates such as B.Tech, B.Sc Computers could opt for technical or programming side by learning ABAP in SAP.

Bill Vick: Big Biller Mentor

From the link:

How do some recruiters bill one million dollars a year?

  • Attitude
  • Focus
  • Discipline
  • Control
  • Relationships
  • Telephone sales and personal meeting sales focus (rather than just emails or use of technology)

High demand future areas in recruiting

Some of the high demand areas in the future -- w.r.t. candidate search:

  • SAP
  • Healthcare IT
  • Business Intelligence

Maximizing Recruiting Performance Using Pareto Principle Tools And Techniques

ATS, and CRM software help improve performance of recruiters

Modern recruiters have help from technology to improve performance:

  • ATS: Applicant Tracking System
  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management
  • Dashboard -- Measurement and display of metrics 

Pareto Activity of Recruiting + Performance Management Dashboard

From the link:

  • 20% of your efforts gets 80% of results. 
  • Do the right things to increase your chances of success
RPM (Revenue Performance Management) dashboard:

Theme:Selling and Recruiting is a Science - not an art.
Purpose:Provide clients tools that enable them to easily identify and analyze data, allowing them to develop their skills and release their potential within.
Mission:Provide our clients with products that provide value to support better decision making, tools that allow for immediate improvement and coaching strategies to help them to be successful. 
Products:Affordable business intelligence, immediate results.

Secrets of Million Dollar Billers

From the link:

Learn by reading the full article from the link above!
  • Characteristics of a Million-Dollar Producer
  • Competitors
  • High Activity Levels
  • Ambition
  • Focus
  • Sacrifice
  • Persistence
  • Fear
  • Passion
  • Above-Average Selling Skills
  • Individual Pathways to Million Dollar Success - learn from successful people
  • Make Million Dollar connections - develop networks in the industry

Turns problems into solutions !!!

Turn the frustration of a problem into a fascination for the solution ! - Tony Robbins

Learning and Comfort do not go hand in hand

In your comfort zone, there is no learning, and in your learning, there is no comfort zone!

Battles are won on the ground, by hand to hand combat

Tips for Telephone Mastery

How to Make More Phone Calls -- Pick up the phone and CALL continuously in batches !!! Don't worry about rejection or failure. Increase your number of calls.

Wars are won on the ground by hand to hand combat.